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The Adelaide Coast Eco Green

As a region committed to preserving the natural beauty of the area, Adelaide Coast in South Australia is home to several businesses that contribute to eco green. These businesses operate with the philosophy of minimizing the impact on the environment while also supporting local communities. In this article, we will highlight some of these businesses and the benefits they bring to the region.

1. The Joinery

The Joinery is a coworking space located in the heart of Adelaide that supports sustainability-focused businesses. The building was designed to be energy efficient and is powered by solar panels, with the excess energy fed back into the grid. Additionally, The Joinery implements a range of sustainability initiatives, including composting, recycling, and energy management. Moreover, it provides an excellent platform for businesses to promote their eco-green initiatives. Contact them at joinery@conservationsa.org.au.

2. The Foodprint Experience

The Foodprint Experience is a sustainable food consultancy that provides education and training on sustainable food production practices. It also works with restaurants and cafes to reduce waste, compost leftover food, and source local and seasonal ingredients. The Foodprint Experience aims to promote ethical and sustainable food practices throughout the Adelaide Coast region. Reach them at hello@foodprintexperience.com.au.

3. The Source

The Source is a zero-waste lifestyle store that offers a range of refillable household and personal care products. They have a robust network of local suppliers who provide natural and organic products, which reduces carbon emissions associated with transportation. The Source also encourages customers to bring their own containers, thus reducing the number of disposable containers that end up in landfills. Connect with them at hello@thesourcebulkfoods.com.au.

4. Ceres Life Farm

Ceres Life Farm is a certified organic farm that produces a range of fruits and vegetables. The farm follows regenerative farming practices, which yield nutrient-rich food while also benefiting the soil and the overall ecosystem. Moreover, they run various sustainability-related programs and offer workshops to promote eco-green practices in the community. Contact them at hello@cereslifefarm.com.au.

5. Seaside Scavenge

Seaside Scavenge is a non-profit organization that hosts beach clean-ups in the Adelaide Coast region. During these clean-ups, participants collect litter, which is then weighed and converted to currency. The currency can be exchanged for pre-loved clothing and various other products donated by local businesses. Seaside Scavenge's mission is to prevent litter from entering the oceans and to promote a circular economy. Get in touch with them at adelaide@seasidescavenge.org.

6. EcoCaddy

EcoCaddy is a transport start-up that uses zero-emission electric caddies to shuttle customers around the city. As a result, it reduces carbon emissions associated with conventional transport. EcoCaddy also partners with local businesses to promote sustainable practices and offers various eco-friendly products. Contact them at hello@ecocaddy.com.au.


The businesses highlighted above are just a few examples of the many eco-green businesses operating in the Adelaide Coast region. They are leading the charge in making a positive impact on the environment while also supporting the local economy. As a conscious consumer, you can support these businesses and help create a more sustainable future. Contact them, learn about them and become a part of the movement for eco green.

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